Wilshere broke the bar set by

Wilshere broke the bar set by Cesc Fabregas at the age of 16 at 254 for Blackburn in 2008, the youngest club ever to play. At the end of the season, he staged the Champions League debut, the same year also scored the first goal of the Arsenal team in the League Cup against Sheffield United. Arsenal players in this game, the average age of only 19 years old, but Wilhelm assault in the former gunman outstanding performance when Sheffield United coach Kevin - Blackwell speechless: "I can not believe His own eyes Jake Gardiner Jersey, can only keep reminding himself that he is only 16 years old. England has a positive attitude Auston Matthews Jersey, but we will not be arrogant. We know we still have a lot of work to do. From now on to the World Cup in summer, we have a lot of friendly matches to play. I feel very good at qualifying for the World Cup, and this is my first World Cup in my career. I am very excited. I think the most crucial thing right now is to focus on the upcoming games and look forward to the Summer World Cup. Although Morata adapts very well at Blue Bridge, when asked by reporters about what Lampard and Morata will accomplish, the lamp replies: "Ask me again 10 years later." Drogba Has been in Chelsea for more than 10 years, almost to help the team win all the honors, including the Champions League without him, we will be very difficult to get so many titles in many important games, Drogba has Important moment, but Morata also has great potential, Drogba is one thing Frank Corrado Jersey, and if Morata kicked in here for 10 years Nikita Zaitsev Jersey, maybe he will be in the future shoulder Drogba results.
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